Book review: Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn

I first read this book ten years ago for a Spirituality & Resilience class. It’s pretty straightforward in that whatever has happened to you, it has already happened. Now how are you going to handle it? Don’t lose touch with yourself and fall into a robot-like way of seeing and thinking and doing where you break contact with your deepest self because if not careful, those moments can stretch out and last a lifetime. Don’t be preoccupied with the past, with what has already happened, or with a future that hasn’t arrived yet because you may fall quite unawares into assuming is the truth about what is out there in the world and in here in our minds because much of the time, it just isn’t so.

The author goes on to say that we may pay a high price for this mistaken and unexamined assumption by willfully ignoring the richness of our present moments. The fallout accumulates silently, coloring our lives without our knowing it or being able to do something about it. Instead, we lock ourselves into a personal fiction that is enshrouded in thoughts, fantasies, and impulses mostly about the past and the future that veil our direction and the very ground we stand on. This book tells you how to wake up from such dreams and the nightmares they turn into. Go from ignorance—our mindlessness, to being in touch with the not knowing which is mindfulness, by using meditation, and wakefulness which is present moment awareness.

It is important to note that meditation is not some cryptic activity, and does not involve becoming a zombie, cultist, devotee, or mystic. It is simply about being yourself, coming to realize that you are on a path that is your life, see that this path has direction that is always unfolding moment by moment and that what happens in this moment influences what happens next.

Reading this book in its entirety helps get out of the fog-enshrouded, slippery slope that we get into and that we may follow right into our grave or that fog-dispelling clarity at the moment before death where we realize that all the thought we placed on past and future was based on ignorance and fear. Instead shed those life-limiting ideas that aren’t the truth or the way our life has to be at all. When I first read this book, it seemed too straightforward in saying that “it is what it is.” But considering I had to lead a discussion on it the following day, I reread it and really got into it and got the message. It was one of the books that started me on this journey of Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction, as well as spirituality and resilience seeking. Get it here.

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Book review: You Can Heal Your Life by Louise L. Hay

This bestseller contains uplifting and encouraging words to help you change your perception of the world around you. It is a personal action plan to improve your way of thinking. It focuses on specific areas of life that need attention, such as money and self-worth, and assures that with persistence you will achieve success in these areas. This book gives you the motivation to improve your life.

We live in a “yes” universe which always says yes to us no matter what we choose to think or believe. Our thoughts create our future. Whether we think prosperity or poverty, the universe says yes to it, which is why we need to reframe our thinking. We must make conscious efforts always to retain and affirm positivity as our lives end up playing out according to our thoughts.

We want to think and believe that we have the right to be healthy so that health becomes natural to us. There is magic in recognizing our bodies as good friends and knowing that every cell listens to our minds. Our beliefs become our reality. We can decide to be healthy and live extraordinary lives by ensuring our minds are rid of negativity and resentment by releasing all burden from our heart, and thereby ensuring all the organs in our body will function properly.

We can effect change in our lives by following these principles:

  • Nurturing the willingness to let go
  • Controlling the mind
  • Learning how forgiveness of self and others releases us

To break free from our negative mind, we need to substitute faith for fear and build our love for ourselves which contributes greatly to the quality of our lives. We must dissolve every bit of resentment to make way for change. It gives no room for any form of negativity. We must cease negativity and criticism except for our flaws and strengths and making sure to take rewards when necessary. When we practice self-love, life mirrors that love back to us—the gateway to true healing.

The only way to change others is to change ourselves first. Once we change our patterns, we’ll find that people are different, too.

Louise L. Hay

This is a colorful and beautifully designed book that would make the perfect gift for others or staple in your self-help library.

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