Spirit Pass: A Jessica Stone Novella

BookBrushImage-Spirit Pass thumbprint

And the audiobook is in production right now. Below is the audiobook cover which will be available on Amazon.com, Audible, and iTunes.

Spirit Pass audiobook cover
SPIRIT PASS tackles an all-too-real issue that gets all-too-little attention – the disappearances of young women on Native American reservations. This concept alone ensures plenty of emotion for the piece and the novel does a good job of showing the full scope of those affected. This is especially poignant when we see old friends Agnes and Bernice who find themselves possible rivals following Claudia’s murder. That there are so many suspects for this killing is also a nice touch – this keeps us on our toes and guessing until the reveal in the climax. The script also does well to show the distrust of government on these reservations and how that can truly be a double-edged sword – it’s great not to have FBI in your business until you really need their help. Part of what makes SPIRIT PASS believable is the well-written dialogue that feels especially natural when it’s coming from the shadier characters, like Chet and Hunter.

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