Secret Whispers

Poignant, hopeful, and full of emotional power, an unforgettable story in the vein of Words on Bathroom Walls, Impulse, and Ghosts of Harvard about two people learning to love amidst significant challenges, perfect for fans of John Green, Kathleen Glasgow, Rachael Lippincott, Tamara Ireland Stone, and Jennifer Niven.

A beautiful family hiding dysfunction. A house full of secrets. An intelligent, creative, and schizophrenic girl. An awkward, awesome, zealous boy. A cast of quirky characters.Noxious peers. Worse high school. Embarrassing moments. Danger lurks. Young love. Reality? What happens to one on an unraveling journey?And what is it like to question one’s own sanity?

Adria is a high school junior with a penchant for painting and a clear goal: hide the changes from anyone and everyone lest being called mad by noxious peers at the travesty known as high school (post-secondary classes). In reality, she’s just developing schizophrenia. Genes are not in Adria’s corner. With an uncle as well as an older brother with paranoid schizophrenia, she’s got the family ties that make her life a challenge. Not that she needs any more stress. As the primary caregiver to her younger siblings, Adria’s life couldn’t be anything less than jam-packed and ready to implode.

Then there’s Ben, an awkward, awesome teen boy totally in awe at what he sees in Adria: a curious, quirky, and calm-natured dream that just applied for a job at the same store. He can’t help but be magnetically drawn to everything that is Adria whom he meets when odds are against her: in high school, at their part-time job, and at home, especially. Little does he know her outward deficiencies are only the tip of the iceberg. Will he save the girl of his dreams or is she destined to falter and pull him under with her when her mental health condition triggers.

Adria must choose whether to risk everything, including her sanity and first love, in a desperate attempt to save her family from the evil that stalks them.

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