Lake of Secrets

YA Murder Mystery

Living beside the water should be peaceful until the bodies of mystery infants wash ashore. A nightmare scenario unfolds: the third in a string of dead bodies turns up in the suburban lake, rekindling the mysterious occurrence. Each is a premature baby, and they were delivered a year apart. DNA tests show they’re all related half-siblings with no mother in sight. No one around the vicinity can venture a guess as to whose offspring they are. Disturbed by the gruesome discoveries, the residents challenge the police to find the mythical woman responsible for the serial deaths.

Moving ahead ten years and new to this department, Detective Chayse Adler is at a loss with the cold case file. Tasked with tackling the enigmatic case may unearth a deadly secret and endanger the lives of those involved. But as she wades into the investigation, the alleged accessory list grows.

Additionally, a hiker at a local hillside park uncovers human bones along the bluff, rekindling the mysterious disappearance of Remi and George Brizzi, a notorious barhopping pair of weekend alcoholics who vanished a little more than ten years ago. Are these their remains? Once the forensic examiner determines the skeletons are riddled with stab wounds, all evidence points to their daughter, Violet, who is now an enterprising young architect and married to an affluent and well-connected financial analyst, James Danforth.

Despite being distraught with underlying concerns that his wife is hiding deadly truths, James goes to all costs to protect his wife, whose nightmares of childhood trauma haunt the architect’s dreams.

When a frumpy, older woman is robbed and stabbed in her home, the police focus on her, twenty-eight-year-old disturbed son, Terry Gasdick. Once arrested, a DNA test is taken, linking him to one of the premature babies found floating in the idyllic lake. He coughs up the name already swirling around the station, that of Violet Danforth, the mother of the preemies which wreaks further havoc on the case.

Everyone is guessing who it is that holds the deadly secrets in this gripping page-turner of emotional rawness that will have you racing for the anxiety-inducing finale. This book’s compelling plot will get under your skin and hook you with this fast-paced, fully-engrossing read.

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